Die Milchstrasse

The book "Die Milchstrasse" by Fritz Kahn dates from 1914 and is a popular scientific account of the Milky Way. The aim of the following editorial was to create a new edition of the publication and also a digital version for the iPad.

A complex system for structuring the text was developed for the print version. The content was structured in chapters and astronomers mentioned in the text were highlighted to make the publication easier to understand and to generate added value. In addition, the publication was supplemented with a list of the stars closest to the Earth, so that the enormous number of them becomes easier to grasp. The stars mentioned in the text are listed and explained again on the back cover. The newspaper format supports the scientific aesthetics.

The digital version of the editorial is an application for the iPad, which on the one hand makes the text available digitally and on the other hand provides information about the stars, constellations and their relations.

Mentoring by Jonas Vögeli. ©ZHdK 2020