AR-filters are a Snapchat, Instagram and Facebook phenomenon that have gained enormous popularity, especially over the last years. Using the smartphone‘s built-in camera, they add a virtual layer to what is being filmed, be it the face or the surroundings. With facetracking technology, it is possible to recognise the facial features of the face in front of the camera and place 2D textures or 3D objects on them. AR-filters offer the possibility of using trackers to enhance the environment with visual effects or even to alienate the face from its natural shape.

I have been experimenting with the software Spark AR since June 2019, when it became possible for every Instagram user to create their own filters. In the meantime, I have already published several filters on Instagram and Snapchat. In March 2020, it came to the collaboration with Dinamo. The Type Foundry Dinamo started publishing face filters in collaboration with designers on their Instagram profile in 2019. Unfortunately their filters are not available anymore on their Instagram page.