365 I'm alive

Sleep disorders are a widespread and serious problem. Insomnia or sleeplessness can be the cause or consequence of various mental illnesses. Nevertheless, insomnia is hardly ever addressed as a symptom of the meritocracy and the public discussion about this problem is more or less taboo.

By means of a visual and auditory staging, an attempt is made to visually give shape to the thoughts of an insomniac person during a sleepless night. By transforming the intangible thoughts into a visual and auditory representation, the torturous spiraling of thoughts is visually represented for nonaffected as well as affected persons and will hopefully spark a debate on the issue.

In collaboration with Julian Zehnder. BA-Diploma Project 2022. ©ZHdK 2021. Mentoring by Matthias Michel, Jonas Vögeli and Cedric Oppliger.